You are viewing Mountainfeet’s webshop. Despite having very little product left, that which is still listed here is top notch in quality. Prices are the lowest you will find, in most cases less than the trade price to ourselves.

The remaining product should be of particular interest to technical outdoor customers such as instructors, mountain rescue personnel and other professionals although there are still some less technical items of product and footwear.

To find out if there’s anything in your specific shoe size, please use the size filters. Put in your UK and Euro sizes – if you’re using a smart phone, you may have to scroll down under the product listings to find the filter boxes.

Also, have a look at the ‘Comfort Warranty’ footwear page for a bargain – these are products in nearly new condition.

The options for delivery are as follows; if you’re too far away to collect or for us to make an arrangement to deliver for free then you’ll need to select the paid delivery option. However, if you want Si to contact you direct about delivering locally for free or you can collect yourselves – please select the default ‘To be arranged’ option. We’ll then work out how best to get the kit to you!

It’s sad we know but Mountainfeet has finally closed its doors for business after ten highly successful and enjoyable years of specialist footwear retailing in the beautiful village of Marsden. Supply difficulties caused primarily by the Covid 19 pandemic and the UK’s departure from the European Union meant it was impossible to keep trading without severe compromises to our service and ethics.

Going forward, Si is planning to distill twenty years experience of footwear retailing and supplying foot health solutions into training material to allow interested businesses and individuals to develop their range of skills. Look out for the resurrection of the Mountainfeet website over the next few months – Si will be fronting his new venture with the fabled Mountainfeet name!