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Welcome to Mountainfeet’s online footwear webshop.  Our main strength has always been fitting and selling outdoor footwear face to face from our premises in Marsden, using our clinical type appraisal skills and expert knowledge of product.  But because of our recent decision to close the shop to move on to pastures new, we have limited amounts of top notch footwear now available at rock bottom prices on our simple to use shopping website!

We’ve also got all our available premium Altberg boots listed too.  These very UK specific models are in short supply due to their high quality, phenomenal popularity and suitability for our unique terrain and weather conditions.

There are also various non-footwear items too which are accessible from the shopping menu tab – these range from utilitarian items such as Nikwax cleaning and proofing product right up to high spec technical items like walking poles and Black Diamond’s excellent mountain packs. 

The easiest way to find your footwear bargain is to go to the SHOPPING PAGE and use the two size filters in the right hand margin (see note).  Make sure you put both your UK and European sizes in and then the filter will show you all the remaining product that might suit and fit you! 

Note: The size filters may appear underneath the product matrix on a smart phone or tablet – in this case you’ll need to scroll down to see them!

For 2022, we are offering FREE delivery on purchases over £75.

Don’t hang around though – we’re selling through our stocks fast…